Virtual Assistant Coaching

  • The Ultimate Tool for Virtual Assistant Coaches: Your Secret Weapon

    Launching your Virtual Assistant Coaching Business may be the next item on your bucket list. You are passionate about transforming and empowering people, and you know that you are the real deal.

    You have done your background work, and you understand the virtual assistant/online business terrain very well. You have a checklist, and you’re ready to launch. All of this is great news because no one loves coaching and teaching virtual assistance like I do, and trust me, there is a need for high-quality coaching packages if we want to improve the reputation of our industry.

    However, before you hit the launch on that virtual assistant coaching business, there is one thing that you must have in your toolkit – CREDIBILITY.

    Unlike a few coaching niches, there is really no need to have specific knowledge of whatever your coaching client does; you just have to nudge them in the right direction. Virtual assistant coaching can only be transformational and impactful when you hand over proven strategies and tools that only come from experience.

    Virtual Assistance is such a peculiar terrain in the sense that professionalism and expertise are vital to growth, and there are systems and processes that make for a productive and profitable virtual assistant. So a coach teaching virtual assistance via head knowledge alone is sending out ill-prepared virtual assistants who will be a menace rather than a support to their clients.

    Credibility, not just in your coaching prowess or ability to help people launch, but in your personal experience as a former or practicing Virtual Assistant, is invaluable. Think about people learning how to run a law practice from someone who has never practiced law. Laughable and pure joke.

    Coaching clients will find it easy to trust you and follow your directives because what you teach is not head knowledge but proven facts and strategies that deliver results and increase profit.

    If you have never practiced or offered virtual assistant services, it is better for you to pause on your coaching plans and get some hands-on experience first. It will make all the difference in your confidence and results.